Buy best Workstations from Navar Furniture in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi. We also sell other Office Furniture products like Bookcases, Office DesksVisitor Chairs, Reception Desks, Study Desks, Study Chairs, Executive Desks, Cabinets, Lockers, Storage Cabinets & Lockers, Shelving Units, Desks and more.

Navar Office Workstation

AED 1,040.00

Ella 2x Face to Face Workstation

AED 1,271.00

Elmira 4 Person Workstation with White Leg

AED 1,502.00

Silas 2 Person Workstation Desk w/ Cabinets

AED 1,386.00

Stella 4 Face to Face Workstation

AED 1,733.00

Birch Desk Left Hand

AED 1,562.00

Sylvie Workstation Cluster Desk w/ Storage

AED 1,562.00

Henry Workstation w/ Cabinets

AED 1,617.00

Hazel Office Workstation

AED 1,617.00

Harvey 4 Face to Face Workstation

AED 1,965.00

Maple Workstation Benching Desk

AED 2,079.00

Hayden 4 Person Workstation Desk w/ Storage

AED 2,200.00

Sienna Workstation with 4 Drawers

AED 2,486.00

Seth Workstation Benching Desk

AED 2,717.00

Rowan Workstation Benching Desk

AED 2,889.00

Sabrina Workstation Benching Desk

AED 3,812.00

Susan Office Desk with File Drawer

AED 1,562.00

Kaia 4 Attached Drawers Workstation

AED 1,617.00

Kenzo 4 Attached Drawers Workstation

AED 2,594.90

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