Buy best Tables from Navar Furniture in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi We also sell other Restaurant Furniture like Bar Sets, Bar Tables, Coffee Chairs, Coffee Sets, Coffee Tables, Lounge Chairs, Table Bases, and more.

Navar Marble Table – Off white & Gold

Original price was: AED 990.00.Current price is: AED 867.90.

Antares Plastic Table – Cream

AED 715.00

Antares Plastic Table – Wenge

AED 715.00

Antares Plastic Table – White

AED 715.00

Navar Marble Dining Table

AED 495.00

Melamine Dining Table – Black & Gold

AED 440.00

Folding Base, Adjustable Table – Cream Tur

AED 614.90

Antares Table 80X120

AED 1,049.40

Antares Plastic Table

AED 715.00

Mimoza Stained Table

AED 590.00

Folding Table 120x60cm – White

Original price was: AED 270.00.Current price is: AED 207.00.

6 Seater Dining Table with Tempered Glass Top

AED 1,221.00

High Tempered Glass Top Table(70 Dia) – Black

Original price was: AED 900.00.Current price is: AED 825.00.

High Quality Dining Table, 60cm

Original price was: AED 715.00.Current price is: AED 614.90.

Distinctively Designed Round Table, Light Brown

AED 2,198.90

Foldable Table – Black

AED 286.00

Wooden Round Dining Table

AED 207.00

Gavin Office Set table

AED 495.00

Round Dining table – White

AED 192.50

RT-4 Round Table (Dia70X H70) cm – Grey

AED 192.50

RT-6A Round Table (Dia60xH72) cm – White

AED 165.00

Folding Table, 150 Dia – White

Original price was: AED 544.50.Current price is: AED 510.40.

RT-7A Round table (Dia60x H70) cm – White

AED 206.25

RT-7C Round Table (Dia80x H70) cm – White

AED 233.75

Introducing the finest selection of Restaurant Furniture, now available for purchase in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. Restaurant Furniture are designed with comfort in mind. Navar Furniture may offer a variety of restaurant furniture options designed for comfort and style to enhance the dining experience in your restaurant. Ensure that the restaurant furniture is made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily restaurant use. Look for restaurant chairs and seating with features like padded seats, ergonomic design, and lumbar support to ensure guest comfort during their dining experience. Create your dream Restaurant Furniture today with our premium selection, available for purchase in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.